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Bearfoot™ Prismers - Sunset Black

Bearfoot™ Prismers - Sunset Black

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Expert Sizing Tips

It's super simple. We have two sizing tips which have proven to help our customers find the perfect size:

✅ Pick the shoe size you most commonly wear.

✅ If you are between sizes, choose the size down.

Size Chart

US Size Foot Length
Women Men cm inches
4 3 22.5 8.86
5 4 23.0 9.05
6 5 24.0 9.45
7 6 24.5 9.65
8 7 25.0 9.84
9 8 26.0 10.24
10 9 26.5 10.43
11 10 27.0 10.63
12 11 28.0 11.02
13 12 28.5 11.22
14 13 29.0 11.42
15 14 30.0 11.81
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For those with an eccentric style, these colorful shoes provide the perfect blend of comfort, strength, and foot health without compromising your unique personality and fashion sense!

✔ Ultimate Comfort for Active Adventures

✔ Maximized Protection for Any Terrain

✔ Durable Grip for Extended Performance

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  • Feather Light

  • Quick Dry

  • Smell Free

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Most shoes end up causing pain.

Were the last shoes you bought as comfortable as they promised? Yourtypical shoeis not built for the natural configuration of your feet. Theyrestrict movement,induce misalignments, andcause long-term pain. On the other hand,Bearefoot shoesare designed torestore your feetto theirnatural positionso youfeel stronger,more balanced, andpainless.

  • Wide Toe Box

    The spacious toe box, invites yourfeetto indulge in theiroptimal position, the waynature intendedso you can painlessly move according to yourbody'sinstinctual movements.

  • Ergonomic Sole

    Theultra-thin,puncture-resistantsole provides protection while allowing you tofeel the worldbeneath your feet, connecting you to your surroundings in an almostprimal way.

  • Zero Drop

    The zero-drop ground feel helpspreventing knee,hip, andback painbyimprovingyour overallpostureand ensuring that yourheel and toesremainat levelwith each other.

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A Bearestep Closer to Comfort & Health

Whether you hike, climb, run, surf, kayak, lift weights, or camp, experience real functionality for your endeavors. Watch your foot strength increase, enjoy comfort while reducing pain. Take a step closer to true health and comfort.

Go Back to Doing the Things you Love

Did you have to slow down on your the amount of adventures you take on because of residual pain? The outdoors brings us peace, don't let pain rob you from that. With Bearfoot do the things you love while you restore balance in your body & mind.

The Bliss of Floating on Clouds

Most shoes are heavy, bulky, and are not truly built for the outdoors. Utilize light weight Polypropylene fabrics, these kicks makes it feel like there's nothing on! So when you're wearing Bearfoot shoes, your feet will feel like their actually barefoot!


Frequently Asked Questions

How are Bearefoot shoes different?

Bearefoot shoes differ from traditional shoes in several key ways:

Toe Space: They have a wider toe box, allowing your toes to spread and grip the ground, much like they would if you were actually barefoot.

Sole: The soles of bearefoot shoes are thin and flexible, allowing the foot to bend and move naturally. This offers better sensory feedback from the ground.

Arch Support: Unlike many modern shoes that have significant arch support, bearefoot shoes allow your feet to support themselves, strengthening foot muscles over time.

Heel Drop: Bearefoot shoes have a zero or minimal heel drop (the difference in height between the heel and the ball of the foot), promoting a more natural foot posture and stride.

Materials: They use breathable, lightweight materials that conform to the foot's shape, giving a "second skin" feel.

Do I wear socks with these shoes?

With our bearefoot shoes, you'll notice the design includes a single wide toe box, ensuring your feet have ample room to move naturally without the constraint of individual toe compartments. Whether or not to pair them with socks truly comes down to personal preference. Some individuals lean towards going sockless to truly embrace the authentic barefoot sensation, appreciating the direct contact and natural feel against the shoe's interior. On the other hand, some opt for socks to benefit from added moisture management, reduced friction, or simply for an extra layer of comfort. Whichever way you lean, our shoes are crafted to support your choice, ensuring your feet experience the freedom they deserve.

How can I be sure to pick the right size?

We recommend going with the size you most commonly wear. If you are between sizes or usually wear a half size, we would recommend sizing down.

  • “These are my new comfort shoes”

    - Greg

  • “If you value comfort, these are a gamechanger”

    - Ryan

  • “Barestep takes my workouts to the next level”

    - Anya

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Join the Movement!

Thousands of people are enjoying the luxury of going bearefoot! When it comes to your health, don't settle for less!